The Neptune Project

By Polly Holyoke

352 pages

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure/survival

Date read: August 2017 (Fifth Grade)

Synopsis: Teenage Nere Hanson is living a normal life in the future, where global warming is a huge problem. She finds out that her body has been altered so that she can survive under the waves. Suddenly, her past all begins to make sense. Her life has been leading up to this journey. Nere and two others set off to find a colony of kids that are like them, genetically altered to live under the sea. Her journey will change her life forever.

5 stars

Review: I gave this book a 5 star rating because I really enjoyed all of the twists and turns that these kids encountered. I also enjoyed all of the reveals about what was going on, since that added a lot to the book. The book kept surprising me, and I could hardly ever tell what was going to happen. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, or the ocean!